Emergency Department Design and Covid Future Planning: LIVE ONLY EVENT

  • Wednesday, November 18, 2020
  • 18:00 - 19:00
  • Online - Webinar
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Emergency Department Design and
Covid Future Planning
Presented by: Professor Paul M Middleton 

Comprehensive Emergency Dataset for Research, Innovation and Collaboration (CEDRIC), Emergency Medicine Complex Adaptive System Simulation (EMCASS) 


We have been developing the Comprehensive Emergency Dataset for Research, Innovation and Collaboration (CEDRIC) platform, which is not far from going live as a proof-of-concept. CEDRIC links data from all silos within the emergency patient journey, allowing us to analyse the epidemiology of all patients, and the impact of everything from clinical condition to time of day and language spoken on health outcomes. 

We plan to evolve CEDRIC to the point where almost all  live data can be captured, linked and analysed, then used to populate the EMCASS model, for all sorts of purposes. 


EMCASS is being developed in collaboration with a colleague from UNSW who has deep expertise in CAS modelling and non-linear simulation. The EMCASS simulation uses discrete event and agent based modelling. There’s also animage of the schema for CEDRIC, and also of its ethically approved use tracking of COVID-19 patients both in and out of hospital.

EMCASS should allow people to alter the initial conditions, such as number of beds open, arrival numbers, staffing etc, then run the CAS model to predict what will happen.

The presentation will be followed by question time and attendees will then 
be invited to remain online for a virtual social gathering.


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