We are delighted to announce that planning has commenced for a 2024 National Conference. This year we will be heading to Sydney for a 2-day conference in November.

There will be an updated event format with a shortened agenda and a wider range of workshops and activities.

We look forward to sharing more information with you soon. 

Theme: Ahead of the Curve

In 2024, we are turning our attention to emerging ideas in healthcare design. We are seeking a broad range of ideas and perspectives, both local and international. We would like to encourage diverse submissions that demonstrate something that is new, novel or unique, that could be scaled up or expanded upon.

An outsider's perspective: How have you brought ideas and approaches from other countries or from other sectors, and applied them to healthcare projects in Australia?

Challenging the method: How have you approached a healthcare design problem in a new way, challenging the standard approach and testing a novel solution to a common problem?

A changing community: How can we provide for diverse communities, and how do social, economic, political and cultural factors influence our health?

Build better, not more: How can we use fewer resources in construction, focus on refurbishment and recycling, and build better healthcare with less environmental impact?

Submissions Process

All submissions will be reviewed by the AHDC Conference  Sub-Committee. Submission does not guarantee you a presentation opportunity. We have limited spaces and will be in touch if a suitable event is available. If your proposal is selected, we will work with you to tailor the event to suit the interests of our members. Read more 

What we look for:

  • Interesting and unique interpretation of the conference theme
  • Strongly aligns with principles of person-centred care, innovation and design quality, and/or sustainability
  • Content is not readily available on other forums
  • Sharing real projects (with the approval of your client)
  • A multi-disciplinary or diverse presentation team
  • Real and relevant research data that cane be shared with the audience
  • Client / health service / clinician participation

What we avoid:

  • "How to" presentations that are preachy or teachy
  • Vague submissions with no projects or specifics mentioned
  • Projects presented without endorsement from project team
  • Focus on products or brands

Presentation Types:

  • Practice-based Approach - presentation of projects and precedents
  • Research-based Approach - presentation of research (academic of industry-led)
  • Workshops - educational and participatory events with various formats (some degree of 'how-to' is acceptable)
  • Big Idea Pitches - a short presentation of an idea that challenges the orthodoxy (regardless of knowledge/experience level)

Key Dates:

  • Submissions are due 30 April 2024
  • Please expect a response email or request for more information during April/May
  • We may be in contact about a different presentation opportunity 
  • Conference Agenda and speakers to be confirmed by June 2024
  • Conference will be held in November 2024

Submit Presentation Proposal 

(google forms link)

Partnership Invitation

This year, we have restructured our partnership offering to align more closely with our new events and member benefits. Foundation Partnership is now the umbrella banner for all our financial sponsors and now includes conference attendance. The Industry Partnership tier is now integrated into three levels of Foundation Partnership. Event sponsorship is now open exclusively to Foundation Partners, but will be discounted to provide more flexibility in tailoring your sponsorship to suit your organisation’s interests. 

If you are interested in purchasing bulk tickets for the conference, or sponsoring the conference, please request a Partnership Invitation to find the right opportunity to suit your needs. 

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