The Australian Health Design Council is a professional association with a mission to elevate health facility design across Australia. 

At the Australian Health Design Council (AHDC), we are at the forefront of advancing high-quality and human-centred health facility design in Australia. Our mission is to create a shared vision that aligns with the diverse needs of patients, the health workforce, the community, and the environment. We are a dynamic hub for professionals in the health facility design and procurement industry. Our focus is on fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation to elevate the standards of health design across both public and private sectors.

Key Initiatives

Knowledge Sharing: 

Through a variety of events, we actively facilitate the exchange of knowledge, information, research, and experiences. Join us to stay at the cutting edge of health facility design practices.


We champion innovation in health facility design, evaluating its impact and disseminating results for continuous improvement. Be a part of the conversation that shapes the future of healthcare environments.


Our networking initiatives bring together professionals, stakeholders, and organisations to create meaningful connections. By joining the AHDC, you become part of a community dedicated to advancing the industry.

Why Join?

By becoming a member of the Australian Health Design Council, you gain access to a vibrant community of professionals from State government health departments, local health networks, private hospital groups, and more. Together, we contribute to the advancement of the industry, ensuring the delivery of high-quality health facilities to the Australian community. 

Ready to be a part of the future of health facility design in Australia? Join us in our mission to create positive change. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the field, your involvement matters.

Together, we can shape a healthier tomorrow.

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