Aims and Objectives

The Australian Health Design Council is a professional association with a mission to elevate health facility design across Australia.

Our Aims

To establish and promote a shared vision for high quality, efficient and effective health facility design that responds to the needs of the Australian populace in terms of respecting the rights and requirements of patients, the health workforce, the community and a sustainable natural/built environment.

To provide high level expert advice to the health facility design and procurement industry in both the government and non-government sectors in order to implement this vision.

To enable health facility design professionals to comment on and contribute to Australian health strategy, government policy and processes where these impact on the design and delivery of high quality healthcare facilities for the Australian community.

Our Objectives

To share knowledge, information, research and experience in health design in order to promote consistency and effectiveness of health design across all projects – in both public and private sectors.

To promote innovation in health facility design, to evaluate this and disseminate results for feedback, debate and improved performance.

To promote training and education in health facility design to ensure the long term sustainability of the industry.

To provide an expert voice for health design professions in dealing with government and other policy makers in regard to matters that affect the design or delivery of high quality healthcare facilities.

To align with other agencies in the sector to share knowledge, understand goals and objectives in order to improve health facility design and procurement in accordance with the aims above.

The Benefits

The provision of independent, non-political, expert advice on behalf of the health design and procurement industry to client groups such as State government health departments, local health networks, private hospital groups, etc. in regard to design and other built environment-related issues that affect the delivery of high quality health facilities to the Australian community.

By offering input and expert review of government processes, policies and standards relating to health facility design, enabling the more effective and efficient use of limited funds in producing higher quality health buildings that meet the needs of patients, staff and the Australian community.

Encouraging the long term sustainability of the Australian health facility design and procurement industry by ensuring that ongoing education, training, research and knowledge management activities are valued and rewarded.