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Becoming a Member

What are the membership types?

There are currently four types of membership available. All membership types are renewed annually from the date of activation.

Individual Member

This is the standard membership type for an individual member

Non-practicing Member

This is for individuals who are not practicing but wish to continue their professional development. “Practice” is defined as professional services in any form, including management, administration, education, research, advisory, regulatory or policy development roles. This is applicable for those who:

  • Have retired completely from practice
  • Are taking a temporary absence from work such as parental leave

You are obliged to provide proof of your non-practicing status if requested.

Student Member

This is for full-time students – Individuals enrolled in a tertiary institution at a minimum of 75% of a full-time workload. This is defined as:
  • 0.75 out of 1.0 EFTSL per year
  • 18 out of 24 credit points per semester
  • 15 out of 20 hours per week
You are obliged to provide proof of your student status if requested.

Partner Member

A limited number of employees of AHDC Partner Organisations are eligible to apply for complimentary membership. Membership is approved manually, please allow time for your application to be processed. Please contact to enquire about Partnership opportunities.

What are the membership benefits?

Free Educational Events 

All AHDC Members have free access to register for our events, which include regular webinars, seminars, and presentations, including a range of networking and site visit opportunities. All events are limited in numbers, and registration is mandatory to attend the event.

Conferences and Partner Events

Members can access discounted tickets to the Australasian Health Design Conference. AHDC regularly partners with other organisations to provide discounted tickets and access to Australian and International events. 

Members Directory

Members can share their profile, contact details and links to our Member Directory, allowing other members to search, view and connect with them. 

Past Presentations

All past presentations are available to members to view on our members only portal, providing a growing database of knowledge.


Members can apply for the Design for Health Research Scholarship, a $5,000 per year grant to a PhD (or equivalent doctoral studies) candidate, or a one-off grant of $5,000 to a Research Masters student studying within a design faculty or health service management course offering the opportunity to specialise in the field of health facility design.

Get Involved

Members can get involved with AHDC through committee and subcommittee activities. General meetings are hosted online and open to all members. General Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month and our Annual General Meeting is held in October. Please contact us to attend. 

How do I become a member?

Join Us

You can find the link to Join Us in the top navigation bar on our website, or click here.

  1. Select the correct Membership Type and click Next.
  2. Add your Email Address and click Next. You will need to verify that you are not a Robot. 
  3. Add your Profile details and click Next. You can change your profile details at a later stage.
  4. Review and Confirm your details, before clicking Pay Online. 
  5. You will be taken to the Paypal Website, You can pay online via PayPal or Credit Card.
  6. You will return to AHDC website once the payment is processed.

You are now an AHDC member! Your membership will be valid for 12 months. 

See Also: Membership Types | Pay Online 

Attending a Member Event

If you attend a member event, you will be pay a ticket price that includes 12 months membership. Your membership will be processed shortly after the event, using the details you used in your registration. 

See Also: Member Events

Managing Your Account

How do I Pay online?

We utilise the PayPal Payment System to process all online transactions because it is quick, easy and secure. You do not need a PayPal Account to pay online. You can use and Credit or Debit Card, including Visa, Mastercard and Amex. 

Using PayPal Account

  1. Proceed to Pay Online to go to the PayPal website.
  2. Log into your PayPal account
  3. Complete the payment in your usual way.

Using a Credit or Debit Card

  1. Proceed to Pay Online to go to the PayPal website.
  2. Select the option Pay with a Card
  3. Fill in your Card and Contact details
  4. At the bottom of the page, click Continue as a Guest button. This may also appear as a slider.

Using a Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is available in certain transactions, such as Partnership payments. 

  1. You will receive an Invoice via email 
  2. The bank transfer details are shown on the bottom of the Invoice
  3. Quote the Invoice Number and Account Name in the fund transfer description
  4. Provide email bank confirmation and include the Invoice Number in the subject line
  5. Allow up to 4 weeks for processing and confirmation. 
I forgot my password

Click here to reset your password using your email address. 

My details have changed

Edit your Profile

You can change any of the details in your profile, including your email address. 

  1. Log In with your current email address and password
  2. Click on your Name in the top right hand corner to see your profile
  3. Select Edit Profile 
  4. Update or change your personal details

Note; If you change your email address it will become your new username when logging into your account. 

I have a new email address

Even if you no longer have access to your old email address, you can still log into your account. Once you have logged in, follow the instructions above to change your details to your new email address.

I have a new email address AND I forgot my password

If you no longer have access to your old email address AND you do not remember your password, you cannot reset your password. Please contact us to request a manual reset.

How do I renew my Membership?

Before your membership expires, you will receive some reminders to renew your membership online. The process is quick and easy! You have 90 days to pay your renewal fees. 

  1. Log In with your current email address and password
  2. Click on your Name in the top right hand corner to see your profile
  3. Select Edit Profile 
  4. Click the Renew button  
  5. Update your Profile and Review and Confirm before clicking Pay Online

Once your payment is processed, your renewal dates will be updated!

What is the Member Directory?

Our Member Directory is available to current active members as a tool for finding and connecting with industry colleagues. You can upload a profile picture, personal bio, contact details and social media links to be shared. 

Privacy Settings

  1. Log In to your account and click on your name in the top right corner to view your Profile
  2. Click Edit Profile button
  3. Update your details in the Profile tab and click Save
  4. Update your privacy settings in the Privacy tab and click Save
  5. Click Directory Profile to see how your profile will appear to others

Send Message Form

If you have allowed Send Message Form in your privacy settings, other members can contact you via the website. Other members can contact you via a secure form without seeing your email address. You will receive an email from AHDC with the contents of the message. 

To send messages to other members, go to their Directory Profile and click Send Message

Membership management by organisations

AHDC membership is assigned to individuals, and cannot be shared between multiple people, or by an organisation.

Can my organisation pay for my membership or event registration?

By default, all payments must be completed online by you as the user signed into the website. 

If you wish to make a direct debit, please make payment to AHDC CommBank BSB:062-070 ACC:1030 5957 referencing the invoice number in the description. Please allow up to 30 days for payment to be recorded on your account. 

Is my membership retained if I change jobs?

Individual, Student and Non-practicing membership is assigned to individuals and once assigned, goes with a member when they change jobs. 

Partner membership is assigned to current members of partner organisations, and is terminated when the individual changes jobs. 

Events & Initiatives

What are Member Events?

You can find out about our events via our Events Page. Members and email subscribers receive email invitations and newsletters. Members are eligible for free and discounted tickets to member events.

Registering for an Event as a Member

You can register for event as a member by logging into your account. If you are not sure if you are a member, you can go to your Profile page to check your current status. Lapse members are not able to access member rates. 

Bringing guests to Member Events

Guests are allowed at some member events. This will appear as an option in the registration form. You must provide your guest's name and email address during registration. 

Can I present at an AHDC Event?

AHDC welcomes presentation proposals for events, including webinars, seminars and conferences. Each proposal is reviewed by our Events Sub-committee. Expressions of Interest (EOI) are regularly issued and we receive many applications for the National Conference in particular. 

Submitting a Presentation Proposal

  • Go to the Proposals Page
  • Carefully review the Submissions Guidelines
  • Submit your presentation proposal
Providing Event Feedback

You can review or provide feedback on events attended by filling out our Event Feedback form.

Continuing Professional Development

AHDC events can be used to collect CPD points for a range of design professionals.

Review our CPD guidelines to find out more. 

Other Initiatives

AHDC hosts a range of initiatives and projects, including our Podcast, Scholarship, and Blog

We also support a range of activities led by partner organisations. If you have an opportunity or idea, please contact us. 


For general Inquiries or any other assistance, please send us a message, or email Please be advised that we do not have full time staff and will answer your email as soon as possible. 

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